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XML Transformations


Any media items in a message, Signatures, Images etc will be listed under a tag called “attachments” with a surrounding “attachment” tag. The following are the tags for an individual attachment:

Tag Description
id The id of the attachment. This will be the value that is in the tag for the actual field. For example if the media item has an external label of “signature” then the value of the “signature” element will be an id, normally a uuid. This uuid is the reference to the attachement id that contains the signature data.
type “local” or “remote”. Local means the data for the attachment is contained in the XML under the “data” element; remote means a url will be provided under the “url” element to access the attachment data, e.g. a link to the image. Signatures are normally local and photos remote.
contentType The mime type of the image.
data The base64 encoded bytes of the local attachment, as a string. For example the base64 string representing the bytes of the signature. Decode the string to a byte array to get the image
url The url to download the image. Normally this is a pre signed url to AWS S3 storage that expires after 1 week. AMS assumes you will download the image; it is not retained permanently.