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Common Data Transformation

A Common Data Transformation (CDT) applies regularly used formatting transformations to message data as it passes through a route.

A CDT can be used to convert dates, times and timestamps into text, numeric text fields into numbers and choice groups into text.

It is normal to include a CDT in a route as the first transformation as it makes the message data easier to use in subsequent transformations, such as a Document Transformation.

The configuration options available for a CDT are outlined below:

Option Description
Format Dates Check this if you want all date and date/time fields to be converted to text.
Date Format The format to use for date fields when converting to text.
Date Time Format The format to use for date/time fields when converting to text.
Timezone The timezone to use when converting date or date/time fields to text. Default is the timezone for the account.
Convert Lists To Strings For choice group fields converts the array value to text using the separator provided. This applies even for single selection choice group field types such as Popup and Exclusive.
Item Separator The text to insert between selections (or items in the list) when converting a list, from a Choice Group Field, to text. Note that the value should include any whitespace required such as spaces. The default is ‘, ‘.
Convert Numeric Text Fields Converts Numeric and Decimal type Text Fields into actual number values. The type of number is the Java number type large enough to hold the value. For Numeric Text Fields Integer, Long or BigInteger are returned and for Decimal Text Fields Float, Double or BigDecimal are returned.
Skip Message Details This will prevent values in the Message Details section of the message data from being converted. This can be useful if you want the creationDate, sentFromDevice and deliveredDateTime timestamps to remain unaffected, for example.