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Range Item

A Range Item presents the user with the option to select a single number from a range of values. The values start at 0 and end at the maximum value set in the field definition. The increment size is 1 and the default (initial) value is defined in the field settings.

The following screenshot illustrates the Range field configuration screen: Range Field

The following screenshots illustrate the range field as rendered on a Samsung device (4.4.2). The user touches the circle and slides it left or right to change the value:

Device Range Field Example


Setting Definition
Label The name of the field that will appear on the screen.
External Label The name of the field when used in XML, Word Document Mail Merge etc
Max Value The upper limit of the range field, inclusive.
Initial Value The starting value for the range in a new message.
Is Required Determines if a value must be set for this field.
Validation Type If the field is required this setting determines if it is always required or only when visible.
Visibility Set the visibility options for the field.