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Data Options

There are 4 ways to receive the data of a message or group of messages.

Raw Export

You can export your messages from within the AMS web application. To do this, login and click the ‘Export Messages’ button on the ‘Messages’ page. A dialog will appear giving you the option to select the template of the messages you want to export and the format. There are two format options, CSV and XML. Use CSV only if the template for the message is simple and contains no list cards or links to other templates. XML works fine for all types of templates.


Routes allow your to transform the content of a message, convert into a document format and send to another server via HTTP or as email. The document formats that can be used are Microsoft Word document, Excel workbooks and PDF documents. See the Routes page for more details.

Web Service API

Using the Web Service API you can send and receive AMS messages in XML format using SOAP or XML over HTTP. This allows integration into other applications.