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Date Item

A Date Item captures either a date, time, or a date and time combined. AMS will use the device’s native UI controls to render the date and time picker controls on each device.

The following screenshot illustrates the Date field configuration screen:

Date Field

The following screenshots illustrate the date and time pickers as rendered on a Samsung device (4.4.2):

Date Picker Time Picker


Item Description
Label The name of the field that will appear on the screen. Appearance of the label is controlled with the Show Label attribute discussed below.
External Label The name of the field when used in XML, Word Document Mail Merge etc
Type Date: The user will be asked to select a date. Date Time: The user will be asked to select a date with a time.Default To Current Time. Time: The user will be asked to select a time.
Default to current Time If selected, AMS will set the starting value for the date and time to the current time for the timezone of the device.
Is Required Determines if a value must be set for this field.
Show Label Determines if the field’s label is shown next to the field.
Validation Type If the field is a required field, then this setting determines if it is always required or only required when visible.
Visibility Set the visibility options for the field.