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Android Phones & Tablets


AMS works on most recent Android phones and tablets, and specifically it works on devices supporting Android 6.0+.

AMS recommends clients test their completed messages on a device before they commit to purchasing large volumes of devices.

Device Selection

In some situations, the forms you or your organisation have created will determine the requirements for your device. Very complex and/or very large forms, including large volumes of on-device activity (sorting and processing), large forms, messages including images and/or video. These messages will place additional demands on a device’s resoures.


Via Play Store or OTA (Over the Air)

There are two ways to install AMS. From the Play Store (AMS Kinross) or an Over The Air (OTA) installation method. The OTA process is essentially the same across different mobile devices but varies in details such as storage location. The general process is:

  1. Locate your device’s Internet browser (typically Chrome or Internet on an Android device).
  2. Visit
  3. Your device type should be automatically detected.
  4. Clicking the install link will start the download and installation process.

Follow instructions on the device.


You need to authorise the application to be installed.

To do this, just select the option to install from unknown sources when it is presented, scroll down to “Unknown Sources” and enable this option.

If you are provided with the option to “Allow for this installation only”, then we recommend you select this. If you don’t, or it doesn’t appear as an option, then we highly recommend you go back into Settings once the application installation is complete and turn off “Unknown Sources”. To do this, go to “Settings” on your device and unselect “Unknown Sources”’.

The location for this option varies between Android versions.

Locate the AMS application (app) on the device. The exact location will vary according to your device and how you have it configured; it may be in the main Apps list or inside an Applications or even inside a folder.

Start AMS and you will be presented with the Authentication Screen where you will need to enter the user name and password supplied by the organisation running the AMS apps.