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Sample Stock List

This is an example of a stock list that could be used in an AMS message to order items by Sales Reps.

Designing the Template

In order to create a List we must first create a Template to represent an item in that List. Stock items are simple and will typically require the following values:

Value Description
Code Stock code for the item, alphanumeric format
Description Detailed description of the item
Category Group the item belongs to, e.g. Bronze Widget, Chrome Widget or Aluminum Widget
Unit Price Single unit price of the item, decimal number format

Before proceeding we need to identify what values will hold the required attributes for a List. These include the id, index and filter parts of the data map. In this case:

Value List Attribute
Code id
Description filter
Category index

To represent these values in our stock list we create a Template with a single Form Card containing the following Fields:

Label External Label Type
Code code Text Item
Description description Text Item
Category category String Item
Unit Price unitPrice Text Item

Editing the Form Card:

Sample Card

Create the List

After this Template is saved we can now create the List. Go to the Lists tab in the AMS web application and click the “+ Create New List” button. Then select the Template you just created and click the “+ Create List” button. Enter a Name and Description for the list then click the “Data Map” tab. Select the corresponding fields for each item in the data map.

List Attribute Field
Identity Field code
Identity Class String because our codes are alphanumeric
Index Field category
Filter Field description

Sample Data Map

Now save your List.

Import Data

To import data for the items in the List you need a data source. This can be either XML, CSV or TSV (Tab Separated). For an example of import data from Excel see Import List Data From Excel. Sample TSV data for this List is below:

code description category unitPrice
BA100 Bronze Widget Medium Bronze 24.95
BA200 Bronze Widget Large Bronze 69.75
BB100 Bronze Widget Bevelled Medium Bronze 22.00
BB200 Bronze Widget Bevelled Large Bronze 32.00
CA100 Chrome Widget Small Chrome 8.00
CA200 Chrome Widget Medium Chrome 16.00
CB100 Chrome Bevelled Widget Large Chrome 75.00