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Mobile Accounts

Mobile Accounts allow control over the users and devices connected to AMS. Before a user can send or receive messages from their device they need a mobile account, and each user should have a unique account.

The Mobile Accounts tab shows a list of all the existing mobile accounts within the current organisation:

Mobile Accounts

Mobile accounts are administered via the Mobile Account edit screen:

Mobile Account Details

Tabs on this screen provide configuration of:

  • User Details
  • Templates assigned to this account
  • Default Data applied to Messages created by this account/user
  • Lists assigned to this account
  • Message Views assigned to this account

Creating a Mobile Account

Mobile accounts are created in the “Mobile Account” section of the AMS web administration system by clicking on the “+ Create New Mobile Account” button.

Create Mobile Account

Once the user information has been entered, click “Save Mobile Account” to create the new account.

Maintaining a Mobile Account

AMS provides maintenance functions which can be used to manage an account: Mobile Account Lock Or Reset Device Key

Lock Mobile Account

This will prevent another device from logging into this account. When an account is locked, after the initial mobile login the account must be unlocked for the account to be authenticated again. Unlocking an account generates a new device key which prevents any previously authenticated devices from accessing AMS.

Generate New Device Key

Forces the generation of a new device key.