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List Item

The List field allows the user to select an item from an AMS List.

The following screenshot illustrates the configuration of a List item:

List Field

The following series of screenshots illustrates the workflow for using a List item within a Card: Available categories (unique values for Index Item) within the List

List Categories

Available List items within a category

List Details

Filtered List items within a category

List Filtering

Selecting a List item from the List

Add A List Item

In order for a List to be accessible by a user, the list must be assigned to the user’s Mobile Account:

List Assignment


Item Description
Label The name of the field that will appear on the screen.
External Label The name of the field when used in XML, Word Document Mail Merge etc
List The AMS List to select items from.
Show Detail For Selected Item If this is checked and the user’s device supports it, then when an item is selected, AMS will show all the values for the item rather than just the summary line.
Is Required Determines if a value must be set for this field.
Validation Type If the field is required this setting determines if it is always required or only when visible.
Visibility Set the visibility options for the field.