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Sending Messages To A Device

AMS messages can be sent in two ways. Manually from the AMS web application or from external programs using the Web Service API.

Manually Sending AMS Messages

To send an AMS message using the web application select the template for the message and click on the “Create New Message” button in the “Out” section of the “Messages” page. Fill out the form with the desired message content. To add a target mobile account type the username of the target account in the “To” field at the top of the form. This field has an auto suggest feature that will try to find matching mobile account usernames as you type. It will only suggest usernames for accounts that have the particular template assigned to them. If you want to use one of the suggested usernames click it with your mouse when it is shown in the menu. Finally to add the mobile account click on the green plus icon next to the “To” field. You can add multiple usernames. To remove a username click on the red minus icon next to the desired username and it will be removed.

Web Service API

To send messages from other computer programs and systems see the Web Service API in the Developer section of this site.